Student Services

Millions of lives and billions of rupees could be saved if people are aware of utilizing right type of health facility at the right time”. Benefits of modern health care have not yet penetrated the social periphery. Glaring contrast in the state of health between the rural and urban areas and between the rich and poor. Health is a fundamental human right and it is to be attained by all people


In this context, we place on record the commitment of Sri RAngapoopathi College of Hospitals to wipe out the in equalities in health care by extending their services on a continuum of serving the people in the creamy layer of the society to that of free services offered to the under privileged sector

Since the students and faculty at Sri Rangapoopathi College of Nursing have been delivering quality health care to families in need at Alampoondi and from 2010 onwards to the villagers of Gingee Town Panchayat.The concepts of community health nursing are incorporated in the entire 4 years of study. 800 voluntary hours by each student is spent on different community health nursing activities

The concept of community health nursing is incroperated in all four years of the course. The students go for home visits and conduct various community activities towards preventive and promotive health of the people.